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I have a new poem coming out!

During 2015, in my second year as an undergraduate, I had my first poem published with Spectral Visions Press. It was an exciting time as previous to this I had only one poem published to my name; a poem I had written and submitted to a competition when I was 11 years old (which, it is safe to say, is now a little embarrassing to my 23-year-old self!)

I’m now excited all over again to be having a second poem published with Spectral Visions Press in this years ‘Tarot Collection’ anthology. While my 2015 poem ‘Mulier Maris’ was published in the ‘Grim Fairy Tales’ anthology, what is all the more exciting to me about the ‘Tarot Collection’, is that each individual writer has taken their given Tarot card and explored the themes, symbolism and meanings related to their specific card. So, there is no doubt that this anthology will be an interesting read!

Another exciting aspect of this anthology is the accompanying artwork inside. It is beautifully gothic, keeping in line with the theme of Spectral Visions Press. And so, for me specifically, it was the very gothic nature of the artwork itself which partly influenced my own take on The Empress card. Overall, not only can I not wait to see my  own poem in print beside the accompanying artwork, but I’m also excited to read all the other poems in the collection, and to see how the other poets have interpreted their tarot card.

(You can view the cover release here)

Bye for now,

Hannah Marie x

  • Spectral Visions: Grim Fairy Tales (You can buy it here)
  • Spectral Visions Press ‘Tarot Collection’ (Release Date TBA)
  • Spectral Visions WordPress

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