Home is where the Heart is.

Home is where the heart is,

That is what they say.

But home: bricks and mortar,

Will eventually be washed away.


Home is where the heart is

I have learned firsthand, 

That even the test of time 

Weakens, until it cannot stand.


Home is neither bricks, nor mortar,

Not even the heart itself.

Home is nothing but memories 

And a feeling, that lasts as long as health. 


If home is truly where the heart is,

Then it was once those clustered trees

By the swaying sea, which whispers still

Soft lullabies of our days gone by…


So home is where the heart is? 

Then for a time your heart is my Home.

And as long as you remember this,

You shall never again be alone.  


©2017 H. M. Smith, All Rights Reserved.


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