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Dead Poets

I poison myself on the words
of dead poets for pleasure:
sickened on their spurned
advances, second chances
and lost loves. With limerence
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                      Tiny Envelope

Pressed in a tiny
envelope, a lone petal
bears the weight
of all my love:
lost in the post,
carried from coast
to coast in search
of you, address:

©2022 H. M. Smith, all rights reserved.

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A glance, a smile, a kiss
led to the natural progression
of things, until for a moment
there was no ‘me’ or ‘you’
there was only ‘us’; an ‘us’
now worlds apart, trying to
forget fragmented moments
of surreal surrender that
still stick and cut me

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©2021: H. M. Smith, All Rights Reserved.

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                       In Quest For. . .

With the turning
of that Great Wheel,
most surely I have known you
before now—and I am yet
to know you still.

Each of us
in quest for life:
to live by the sinking sun
in the West; lie down
with me and rest
in those late-summer fields,
under slow-yellowing leaves
as we day-dream of happier times. Continue reading ”                       In Quest For. . .”