death, poetry

The Emptiness of Self

Flashes behind the eyes
—at the back of the mind—
images of her sallow face,
or the haunting c r a c k
of four aspirin against glass… Continue reading “The Emptiness of Self”

love poetry, poetry

A Love’s Labours

In the distance
b e t w e e n
lingers a love’s labours
lost to time and silence, Continue reading “A Love’s Labours”

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Venus & Aries entwined

In her bones she knows love
to be an ancient, celestial thing;
her love language was the first
language: a purity before sin.
With an affectionate touch
she may crown you king
if only
you can win the war
within her:
there’s exquisite beauty
in pleasure and pain,
but not every man
is fit to be king.

©2022, H. M. Smith, all rights reserved.

English Renaissance Poetry, poetry

Dead Poets

I poison myself on the words
of dead poets for pleasure:
sickened on their spurned
advances, second chances
and lost loves. With limerence
in a look Continue reading “Dead Poets”


The Double

“You’re the double of ya Da’
ya know?!” As she’s commonly
been told; protests always
get stuck in her throat,
at war with being polite.
“Aye, ya must be proud!” They
urge, and he agrees. Continue reading “The Double”

poetry, poets

Forgive My Poetic Heart

Forgive my poetic heart
for all its fails and starts,
for the blots of ink
that stain the page,
for the discarded love
notes crumpled in rage: Continue reading “Forgive My Poetic Heart”

creative writing, poetry

Eat Me, Drink Me Down

Eat me, drink me down:
a love like hers was only
to be found in the world below,
so eat me, drink me
down the rabbit hole
he stole away once more Continue reading “Eat Me, Drink Me Down”