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A Love’s Labours

In the distance
b e t w e e n
lingers a love’s labours
lost to time and silence, Continue reading “A Love’s Labours”

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Venus & Aries entwined

In her bones she knows love
to be an ancient, celestial thing;
her love language was the first
language: a purity before sin.
With an affectionate touch
she may crown you king
if only
you can win the war
within her:
there’s exquisite beauty
in pleasure and pain,
but not every man
is fit to be king.

©2022, H. M. Smith, all rights reserved.


And Still, There Is No Peace

Forever etched into the mind
is the image of that hellish-red sky;
war has ruined the beauty of night
and still, there is no peace.
As psychopathic males
play their empire games,
of a country at war
bury their sons’ remains. Continue reading “And Still, There Is No Peace”


                      Tiny Envelope

Pressed in a tiny
envelope, a lone petal
bears the weight
of all my love:
lost in the post,
carried from coast
to coast in search
of you, address:

©2022 H. M. Smith, all rights reserved.


The Double

“You’re the double of ya Da’
ya know?!” As she’s commonly
been told; protests always
get stuck in her throat,
at war with being polite.
“Aye, ya must be proud!” They
urge, and he agrees. Continue reading “The Double”

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In the Cradle of Creation

Could you hold me tonight,
my love? Because it feels so
right in the middle of the night
I think about when we first met
on the train: the feel of my hand
in yours and the huskiness
of your voice. There was a
kindness in your eyes and
a shyness to your smile.

How can it be that our paths
have crisscrossed again
and again? Maybe
there is a flame that
burns eternal, deep
in the Cradle of Creation?

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