death, poetry

The Emptiness of Self

Flashes behind the eyes
—at the back of the mind—
images of her sallow face,
or the haunting c r a c k
of four aspirin against glass… Continue reading “The Emptiness of Self”

love poetry, poetry

A Love’s Labours

In the distance
b e t w e e n
lingers a love’s labours
lost to time and silence, Continue reading “A Love’s Labours”

short story

Torching Daisies [II/II]

    Upstairs, he found her standing like some angelic apparition in her white summer dress; sunlight streaming in through the broken windows illuminating her figure in a half-light. 

“Come here,” she said softly, in longing. 

  With touches he found her to be very much flesh and bone. Between kisses, she whispered a truth to him she had long kept to herself: “The absence of you has been devastating to me—like nothing I ever wish to experience again.”

  At this, his soft, gentle kisses became rough and impatient, until they found themselves on the floor, entangled.  Continue reading “Torching Daisies [II/II]”